Because clinical waste has the potential to cause injury, infection or disease it has strict storage, handling, transport, and disposal requirements. Med-X holds EPA Transporter and Waste Facility Licenses permitting the safe management of these waste streams and is accredited to generate EPA Waste Transport Certificates on behalf of our clients.

Our clinical waste services work in accordance with all local and national authorities to maintain absolute compliance and integrity. Med-X facilities, equipment, vehicles, procedures and processes are endorsed to ISO 9001: Quality, ISO 14001: Environment and ISO 45001: OH&S as part of our Integrated Management System Requirements.

Your business can have complete peace of mind that every stage of the clinical waste disposal process is undertaken within Med-X’s strict quality control, Best Practice guidelines and environmental compliance, as we take pride in providing safe services with a low environmental impact.

What Is Clinical Waste?

Clinical and related waste is typically generated from healthcare or medical centres and includes items such as needles, syringes, scalpels, human tissue, swabs, gloves, dressings, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals and any other materials that have come into contact with body fluids.

Clinical and related waste must be disposed of safely and responsibly in order to avoid injury, the spread of infection and disease, or environmental contamination. Our clinical and related waste services endeavour to do so by following the strictest health, infection control and safety guidelines.

At Med-X, we offer safe, secure waste disposal and management services for:

Examples of Clinical Waste

Clinical Waste Bins

All clinical waste is collected in yellow Australian Standard containers labelled for easy identification. The yellow colour coding and labelling is an important aspect of risk control in identifying biohazardous waste.

After determining your volume and frequency requirements, Med-X will establish a customised service schedule in response to your specific needs. Our wide range of clinical waste containers caters to both small and large medical waste volumes, keeping your workspace safe and hygienic.

Related wastes such as cytotoxic waste, along with pharmaceutical, anatomical, and chemical waste types have their own regulations in Australia and must be segregated and disposed of via incineration.

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2 yellow external clinical waste bins
Purple cytotoxic waste bin and 3 different sized cytotoxic waste containers

Cytotoxic Waste

Cytotoxic waste is made up of restricted drugs and intravenous solutions intended primarily for the treatment of cancer. Due to its high toxicity to cells and exceptionally hazardous nature, this waste requires extremely careful handling and containment. The waste resulting from cytotoxic treatment also includes any PPE worn and used.

Cytotoxics have the potential to severely endanger human health and wellness. They are capable of impairing, injuring, or killing cells and many have a direct irritant effect upon skin, eyes, mucous membranes, and other tissue. They can also cause local toxic and/or allergic reactions.

Med-X cytotoxic waste bins offer a secure and segregated waste handling solution due to the biohazardous nature of this waste stream.

This waste is collected in Australian Standard containers clearly marked with the cell in telophase symbol. The purple colour coding identifies the strict and special control measures required to minimise risk and prevent exposure.

All waste is transported via our specialist hazardous waste fleet to a licensed thermal destruction facility. It is then safely destroyed by high-temperature incineration in line with Australian legislative safety requirements.

For a customised cytotoxic waste solution contact Med-X today.

Examples of Cytotoxic Waste

Examples of Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste includes drugs, remedies or medicine that have expired or are no longer required to treat a patient, and equipment and substances rejected by the manufacturer due to quality control concerns.

Pharmaceutical waste can contain chemical properties that are harmful to people, animals and the environment and cannot be included in general waste streams. Upon exposure the chemical contents can cause intoxication and corrosive chemicals can also incur burns or injuries.

Med-X’s pharmaceutical waste collection is undertaken with every possible safety precaution and regulated waste requirement. Waste is collected in lockable, Australian Standard containers with an orange lid classifying biohazardous waste.

Waste is then transported via our specialist hazardous waste fleet to be incinerated at a regulated thermal waste processing facility. It is then safely destroyed by high-temperature incineration in line with Australian legislative safety requirements.

For a customised pharmaceutical waste solution contact Med-X today.

Anatomical Waste

Any identifiable body part including pathological specimens, biopsy specimens and tissue taken during surgery or autopsy. Anatomical waste is a subtype of pathological waste, the difference is that anatomical waste is recognisably human. Anatomical waste is always considered as potentially infectious to prevent any risks to human health or to the environment.

Anatomical waste is collected in Australian Standard colour-coded yellow bins with an orange lid. The secure bins are clearly identifiable as biohazardous waste for easy classification. All waste is transported off-site safely by Med-X EPA-licenced vehicles to a regulated thermal waste processing facility.

For a customised anatomical waste solution contact Med-X today.

Examples of Anatomical Waste

Why Choose Med-X Solutions?

Innovative and sustainable product development

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and Cm3 Safety Management certified

Accurate weight reporting

NSW, VIC and QLD service locations

Customised clinical waste servicing to each client's requirements

AS 4031-1992 Australian Standard containers

EPA / Dept of Health licenced fleet and facilities

Clinical Waste Disposal Regulations

Med-X aligns with all of Australia’s State and Territory legislation concerning clinical waste disposal. To ensure your business is not at risk of harming the environment or in breach of your local disposal legislation, it is important to understand clinical waste disposal regulations that apply to your region.

  • Victoria – Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is Victoria’s regulator working to prevent harm from pollution and waste under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009. For all Victorian businesses who generate clinical and related wastes, clinical waste disposal regulation is published  in the Environmental Protection Authority’s Clinical and related waste – operational guidance document.
  • New South Wales – Health NSW Government – North of the Murray River, all Clinical Waste disposal is governed by the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2005. Guidelines are published in the Policy Directive Clinical and Related Waste Management for Health Services and Guideline for Approval of Method to Treat Clinical Waste.
  • Australian Capital Territory – Access Canberra – Waste in the ACT is classified against the ACT’s Environmental Standards: Assessment and Classification of Liquid and Non-liquid Wastes (June 2000) to ensure that the environment and human health are protected during waste management and disposal. For ACT businesses, you’ll need to become familiar with Access Canberra’s regulations on Clinical Waste.
  • Queensland – The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) Queensland  the Sunshine State is hosted by the Department of Environment and Science, Queensland Government. Under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019, the Guideline to Clinical and Related Waste specifies the relevant laws.

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