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Clinical Waste & Sharps Disposal,

Hygiene Services, Brisbane & South East QLD

Med-X offers a complete range of medical waste, hygiene and washroom product disposal services in Brisbane and South East Queensland. We are certified in ISO45001 Health and Safety, ISO14001 Environment and ISO9001 Quality Management Systems by third party accreditor Best Practice Pty Ltd. So you can trust you’ll only be provided with the best in medical waste and hygiene management solutions.

Med-X offers the following services in and around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and broader South East Queensland:

To book medical waste disposal and collection services for your business in Queensland, contact the Med-X team today.

Med-X Queensland
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Clinical Waste Disposal QLD

Med-X’s clinical waste management services in Brisbane and South East Queensland are ISO-accredited and EPA-approved. We ensure your disposal practices remain compliant with the most stringent regulations.

Med-X has extensive clinical waste collection service capabilities, with a product range including both internal and external clinical waste bins. Internal clinical waste containers cater for convenient bathroom disposal to large medical waste disposal volumes, keeping your workspaces both safe and hygienic. Larger external containers are designed to hold clinical waste outside of regular foot traffic, ready to be collected by our experienced team, such as cytotoxic waste. Med-X ensures your clinical waste is destroyed in accordance with the approved State EPA standards.

Find out more about our clinical waste disposal and collection services in Brisbane and SE Queensland.

Sharps Disposal Brisbane & South East QLD

Med-X’s ‘closed loop’ system offers professionals working with sharps a smart, healthy and safe disposal solution to dispose of used sharps in and around your business, home or facility.

Publicly accessible businesses, washrooms and facilities are at risk of exposing their customers and guests to unsolicited sharps if proper sharps containers aren’t provided.

Med-X tailors a customised solution for Brisbane, Gold Coast and broader South East Queensland customers for your facility to ensure the safe and hygienic disposal of all sharps.

Book your sharps container disposal in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Bins Brisbane &
South East QLD

Med-X offer Brisbane, the Gold Coast and broader South East Queensland a discreet yet hygienic Feminine Hygiene solution that is essential for maintaining cleanliness in your washrooms.

Our comprehensive solution comes complete with unit replacement at every service, guaranteeing a clean, hygienic and ready-to-use unit.

Our Sanitary Services offer a complete and tailored-frequency solution servicing hospitals, child care, aged care and special needs facilities in Brisbane, Gold Coast and broader South East Queensland.

Providing a safe and discreet unit specifically designed to cater to high-traffic areas and deliver dual protection against bacteria and odours, Med-X has the solution.

Keep your employees and patrons hygienic and comfortable with Med-X’s sanitary bins in Brisbane.

Washroom Products & Services Brisbane &
South East QLD

Med-X offers a full range of washroom accessories, products and services, at extremely competitive rates with our industry-leading products including:

Med-X ensure your washrooms are smart, safe and hygienic.

Find out more about Med-X’s washroom products and services.

Why Choose Med-X?

When it comes to hygiene products or services, clinical waste management and sharps disposal in Brisbane and South East Queensland, we believe in providing services that protect both people and the environment. Med-X’s accredited Quality Management System, sustainable solutions, and teams of professional and experienced personnel make us the most qualified for your needs.

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Find out more about Med-X’s medical waste disposal, hygiene and washroom product services in Brisbane and surrounds by chatting to a member of our team. Call your local Med-X representative on 1300 116 339 or fill out a short enquiry form online.

Med-X Queensland
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