Quarantine & Biosecurity Waste Disposal

Med-X offers a dedicated biosecurity and quarantine waste management solution. Compliant with necessary certifications, transportation, storage and treatment requirements, Med-X will ensure your quarantine waste is safely and securely managed in accordance with departmental regulations.

Biosecurity & Quarantine waste refers to imported materials or products which pose a risk to Australia’s biosystems. These goods require segregated treatment before use within our borders, or potentially secure disposal if deemed necessary during quarantine inspections.

Biosecurity & quarantine waste classification may differ between states but typically encompass animal and plant matter including seeds and timber, imported foods and food waste, and extends to contraband products such as cigarettes and weapons.

Med-X: The Trusted Biosecurity and Quarantine Waste Specialists

Med-X is proud to be the trusted provider of Biosecurity waste services for a leading international cruise line operator.

Federal legislation mandates that biosecurity waste streams only be handled by an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) provider. Med-X is approved by AQIS, and all biosecurity and quarantine waste we process is undertaken by an approved arrangement with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Reliable and Compliant Solutions For Quarantine and Biosecurity Waste Management

The safe and secure collection and processing of biohazard quarantine items is essential to ensure compliance with Australia’s Biosecurity Act.

Med-X operates a purpose-built, licensed fleet to collect and transport biosecurity waste to our local treatment facility. Med-X containers are weighed and bar-coded for tracking, verification and reporting purposes. Our waste collection and processing teams are specialist trained in the secure handling and disposal of this waste stream.

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