Medical Waste Disposal, Hygiene Services &
Washroom Product Management

Med-X Healthcare Solutions meet the strictest infection control & hygiene standards in Medical Waste Disposal, Hygiene Services and Washroom Product Management.

Med-X Healthcare Solutions:

Disposable Sharps Containers

Med-X can provide you with the most suitable sharps disposal system for your property. This includes “closed loop” systems that can safely and securely dispose of all sharps waste.

Clinical & Related Waste Services

We offer a wide range of clinical waste disposal containers to suit every size & requirement. These include all internal & external offerings to keep your property as safe & hygienic as possible.

Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Services

Hygiene disposal options are essential in businesses. Without sanitary bins, common waste can often be flushed down toilets – potentially causing blockages.

Washroom Products & Services

To cover your every washroom and hygiene need, Med-X offers a wide range of washroom accessories and products.

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