Med-X Healthcare Solutions offers a ‘closed loop’ sharps disposal service model.
The Med-X Sharps Solution incorporates a complete range of sharps containers, as well as the safe and secure collection and disposal of all your sharps waste. Med-X provide a no-fuss sharps waste management solution customised to your requirements.

Our Range of Sharps Containers

You can trust that every sharps container and disposal system Med-X offers will provide you with a safe and secure solution.

The Med-X sharps disposal service offers:


  • Puncture and spill-proof design.
  • A range of sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Units can be incinerated or autoclaved in accordance with local regulations.
  • Product and service specifications are Australian standard compliant.

Sharps Containers

A secure and convenient sharps disposal solution is essential to prevent sharps injury and potential infection transfer.

Med-X offer a full suite of sharps disposal solutions and have the service capability and logistical reach to accommodate your business’s needs.

Whether you are a small tattoo business or a large hospital, Med-X’s sharps disposal unit’s puncture and spill-proof design facilitates safe and easy sharps disposal.

Large 60L+ capacity sharps containers serve a dual purpose as a large direct disposal container when space and volume requires, as well as a disposal solution for the smaller, filled sharps containers.

6 yellow medical sharps containers in a range of sizes
EasyCollect & EasyPlus Duo sharps disposal bins

EasyCollect & EasyPlus Duo Range

The Med-X EasyCollect range offers a wide aperture for the convenient disposal of sharps without direct handling required.

The EasyCollect unit can be wall mounted or simply affixed to a mobile trolley, delivering a flexible, mobile disposal solution to suit your needs.

  • Available in 12L, 18L & 25L

The Med-X EasyPlus range caters for the disposal of a larger volume of sharps, for example in theatre, with the added convenience of mobility and hands-free operation when affixed to the trolley.

  • Available in 30L, 50L & 60L


  • A range of trolley and wall-mounting duo accessories.
  • A range of sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Convenient mobile solution.
  • Hands free access through foot pedal.
  • Nestable units save storage space.
  • A puncture and spill-proof design.

Risk Management: Med-X Sharps Disposal 

At Med-X, we understand that every business is unique in their sharps disposal requirements. Our extensive range of solutions provides the highest protection against potential needle stick injuries or infection transfer, no matter what your business.

The Med-X team are committed to ensuring your staff have the best knowledge and skills applicable to handling and disposing of sharps effectively. That’s why we offer a range of in-service sessions for your staff – and give your business the highest standards in sharps practices and disposal. 

And when the time comes to have your waste removed, our ISO 9001-certified team and service will transport your waste for safe and compliant treatment and disposal. 

If you need to ensure your business isn’t affected by improper needle disposal, an effective sharps disposal solution is a must.

Cluster of medical needles

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