Med-X Healthcare Solutions offers a sustainable ‘closed loop’ sharps container range and disposal service model. Our range of puncture and spill-proof sharps containers exceed Australian Standards and our safe, compliant servicing protocols prevent potential needlestick injuries and infection transfer.

What’s more?

Our single-use sharps containers are 100% recyclable through our innovative recycling process called SharpCYCLE™ – for a truly circular economy.


A safe and convenient sharps disposal solution is essential to prevent sharps injury and potential infection transfer. By choosing a SHARPCYCLE™ sharps bin, you’re choosing a puncture-resistant container for safe disposal that not only protects you but the environment too.

Med-X has proven experience providing safe and compliant sharps disposal solutions and now offers its truly sustainable range:

100% recyclable, single-use sharps containers.


MXG RANGE: 8L | 14L | 25L

  • Deep drop aperture for convenient, safe sharps disposal
  • Automatic lid-closing mechanism, once syringe is deposited into collector
  • Leak-proof & puncture resistant: eliminates penetration & possible sharps injuries
  • Features a firm snap lock mechanism for tamper-proof, permanent closure
  • Automatic overfill prevention mechanism &  frosted lid for visibility of sharps capacity
  • Bar-coded for service data capture
  • Australian and International Standard Approved

Two Piece Sharps Containers

The Med-X range of single-use sharps disposal containers is available in various size options to suit your space & volume requirements: 8L, 14L & 25L. These larger sizes reduce the required frequency of changeover and, therefore, also reduce staff workload.

Our containers fit most existing wall mounting brackets and mobile trolleys for convenient installation, interchange, and use. The container’s nestable design also saves space in storage.

One Piece Sharps Containers

Med-X offer pre-assembled one-piece containers in sizes ranging from 125ml to 19L. Each container size is available in standard sharps and cytotoxic options.

Large 60L+ capacity sharps containers serve a dual purpose as a large direct disposal container when space and volume are required, as well as disposal solution for smaller, filled sharps containers.

All single-use standard sharps containers can be recycled in the SharpCYCLE™ Recycling System.


  • Puncture and spill-proof design.
  • A range of sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Units & contents will be treated in accordance with local treatment and disposal regulations.
  • Product and service specifications are Australian standard compliant.

Med-X: Your Partner in Safe Sharps Management


The Med-X team is committed to ensuring your staff have the best knowledge and skills applicable to handling and disposing of sharps effectively. That’s why we offer a range of in-service sessions for your staff, whether it be for onboarding our range of solutions or for sharps training in general. 

Med-X partner with your business to deliver the highest standards in sharps practices, giving you complete peace of mind. You can trust our ISO 9001-certified team in the secure transport, compliant treatment and disposal of your medical waste streams. 

What Are The Safety Risks Of Improper Sharps Disposal?


The improper disposal of used sharps can pose a serious safety risk to anyone who comes in contact with them. While this is an occupational health hazard for those in the healthcare and related industries, using the appropriate sharps disposal container can help to eliminate not only the transmission and spread of infectious diseases, such as blood borne viruses, but also threats to the environment and wildlife.

Med-X is serious about the safe disposal of sharps waste. Our sharps disposal containers are compliant with Australian and International Standards and designed to protect the environment.

What Sharps Can We Dispose Of?

Our SHARPCYCLE™ sharps bins can safely and sustainably dispose of:

  • Injecting equipment (needles and syringes)
  • Scalpels and blades
  • Glass vials and ampoules
  • Infusion sets and tubing
  • Catheters and cannulas
  • Pipettes and other laboratory glassware
  • Spinal needles
  • Auto-injectors
  • Insulin pens
  • Epinephrine pens
  • Sharps contaminated with cytotoxic drugs or other hazardous substances

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Sharps Disposal FAQs

In Australia, sharps disposal policies differ from state to state (for example, in Queensland this policy has been determined by Queensland Health), but they all follow the same general guidelines. These include the immediate disposal of sharps after use, the need for sharps disposal containers to be clearly labelled and stored in a secure location, and the requirement for sharps waste to be transported to a licensed clinical waste management company, such as Med-X. Our expert team members in NSW, VIC and QLD have a full understanding of the sharps disposal policy for each location.

Two-thirds full sharps containers should be treated as completely full and replaced.

If you work in healthcare or a related industry, the answer is yes. Sharps generated by healthcare clinics, hospitals, or other medical facilities are considered clinical waste and cannot be disposed of via alternative methods, such as community sharps bins. Free sharps containers provided by your local council’s waste facility are also an inappropriate way to dispose of clinical sharps waste.

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