Med-X Healthcare Solutions is an experienced service provider with a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring that the management of clinical and other related waste is compliant with both state and federal legislation and requirements.

Having access to a reliable and compliant hospital waste management service is a crucial and fundamental aspect for any healthcare facility. These toxic waste streams can be extremely dangerous to humans, animals and the environment if not handled correctly. Failing to dispose of clinical and related waste in accordance with government and State legislation guidelines can have serious consequences for healthcare businesses in Australia, including fines and reputational damage.

Med-X operates comprehensive and regulated clinical and related waste disposal services within the healthcare industry. We provide EPA and local government compliant services to safely and correctly collect, transport and dispose of medical waste in a reliable and discreet manner. From large inner-city hospitals to regional GP clinics, Med-X can help to identify your healthcare facility waste management needs and customise our range of solutions to suit your specific requirements.

It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the waste producer – e.g. hospital or GP clinic to ensure all waste streams are packed correctly to ensure compliant, safe and approved transportation of the waste to the EPA approved site for correct treatment and destruction.

Types of Clinical and Related Waste

Also known as biohazard, medical and hospital waste, clinical and related waste as its often called, refers to a wide range of materials generated by the healthcare industry, including:

  • Infectious items
  • Cytotoxic substances
  • Expired pharmaceutical products
  • Sharps
  • Anatomical waste.

Certain types of clinical and related waste must be processed in specific ways to eliminate their potentially hazardous components and their harm to individuals and the environment. If you are unsure of how to categorise different types of clinical and related waste, Med-X can efficiently and easily arrange this process for you.

Secure and Segregated Clinical and Related Waste Disposal

Our clinical and related waste disposal service is designed to funnel medical items into purpose-built waste streams. Segregating clinical and related waste is essential for preventing it from harming the environment and putting individuals at risk of infection. Utilising a licensed and thoroughly professional service provider like Med-X to streamline your waste management processes can help to protect your staff, patients and visitors from being exposed to potentially harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Doctor putting plastic gloves in clinical waste bin

Safe Disposal of Sharps in Hospitals

Med-X offers a ‘closed loop’ hospital sharps disposal service model designed to minimise the dangers of used sharps. This service model incorporates the supply of a complete range of Australian Standard sharps containers as well as the safe and secure collection and disposal of your sharps waste. Regardless of the number of used sharps your business generates, Med-X can customise our waste management solutions to suit the volume and frequency requirements of your facility.

Australian Standard Containers

All sharps containers stocked by Med-X conform to Australian Standards AS4031, the standard set for non-reusable containers. These disposal containers are impact, crush and needle penetration proof and manufactured to ISO9001: 2015 standards.

Mobile Safe Disposal

The Med-X product catalogue includes a range of containers that feature a wider aperture allowing for the convenient and safe disposal of sharps from trays, designed to eliminate the need for direct handling. This product can be mounted to a wall or affixed to a trolley for a convenient mobile disposal solution.

Med-X also stocks a range of sharps containers designed to cater for the disposal of large volumes of sharps. This range is also manoeuvrable and has the hands-free operation safety feature. However, should there be a specific size and brand of sharps container you prefer, Med-X can source this for you.

Feminine Hygiene and Sanitary Disposal Services

From feminine hygiene to infant and adult napkin disposal units, Med-X provides a complete range of sanitary disposal services. All of our products and services offer you flexible, discreet and hygienic solutions for managing sanitary and napkin waste, making it easier for you to keep your washrooms safe, clean and hygienic.

Freestanding feminine hygiene sanitary bins

Complete Washroom and Hygiene Solutions

Med-X stocks a wide range of washroom hygiene products and accessories at extremely competitive rates. We only stock industry-leading solutions designed to ensure your washrooms are of the highest standard for your staff, patients and visitors. Our range covers:

  • Hand soap dispensers – manual or automatic
  • Air fresheners
  • Antibacterial toilet seat sanitiser units
  • Urinal Deep Clean treatments.

By regularly supplying and servicing these solutions to suit your schedule and unique needs, Med-X can help your healthcare facility maintain an exceptional standard of washroom hygiene.

Government Compliant Clinical and Related Waste Management Solutions

Med-X has invested heavily in our clinical and related waste management solutions to ensure they are compliant with both Australian Government regulations as well as local State legislation and guidelines. For more information on how we can enhance your healthcare facility waste disposal services, please contact Med-X today.

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