Clinical & Related Waste Services

Med-X Healthcare Solutions is an experienced service provider in clinical waste disposal and management. 
We work with each client to provide the exact clinical waste management solutions that suit their workplace and needs.

Clinical & Related Waste Services

We have a range of clinical and cytotoxic waste solutions available.


  • Product and service specifications are Australian standard compliant.
  • A range of sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Nestable units save space in storage.

Internal Clinical Waste

Med-X’s collection of internal clinical waste bins are designed to suit your every need. Our wide range of clinical waste containers, cater to basic bathroom disposals to large medical waste volumes, keeping your workspace both safe and hygienic.

Yellow clinical waste bins in 3 different sizes
2 yellow external clinical waste bins

External Clinical Waste

Essential for larger organisations, external waste bins facilitate safe storage prior to service.

On a schedule that’s tailored to your needs, the Med-X team will transport all waste to our facility for sterilisation and safe disposal. All stages of this process are EPA-approved and conform to our ISO 9001 accreditation.


  • Product and service specifications are Australian standard compliant.
  • A range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Selecting the Right Service

It is important that you select the right size clinical bin for your clinical waste requirements.

Here are 3 important considerations:

1. Consider your facility’s available storage space. How much room you have both inside and outside your premises may limit the size of bin you can practically use.

2. Consider the volume of waste generated by your business. Space available for bins and volume of waste generated will typically determine the pickup frequency for your bins.

3. Consider your collection frequency requirements. The time lapse from a full clinical waste container to service collection should be minimised to reduce potential contamination issues.

Med-X Solutions jigsaw puzzle
Purple cytotoxic waste bin and 3 different sized cytotoxic waste containers

Cytotoxic Waste Solutions

Med-X Healthcare Solutions offer a secure and segregated cytotoxic waste disposal solution, designed to suit your facility’s space, accessibility and volume requirements.

Our range of regulatory cytotoxic containers are securely handled by experienced Med-X personnel and transported via our hazardous waste fleet to a thermal destruction facility. All waste is safely destroyed in line with Australian legislative safety requirements.


  • Large aperture for easy disposal.
  • A range of unit sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Secure safety locks prevent tampering.
  • Portable container for internal accessibility.
  • Product and service specifications are Australian standard compliant.

Clinical Waste Disposal Regulations

Clinical waste disposal regulations vary across each State. But across each set of regulations, the restrictions on what waste counts as clinical waste – and the fines associated with breaking these restrictions – can be quite severe.

Med-X aligns with all of Australia’s legislation concerning clinical waste disposal. To ensure your business isn’t at risk of harming the environment or in breach of your local disposal legislation, it’s important to understand the regulations that apply to you.

Clinical Waste Bin Liners

Clinical waste bins need to be lined effectively to ensure the spread of germs and disease is contained. If you’re looking for the most reliable waste bin lining solution, speak with your local Med-X team.

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